Progress Updates

July 18, 2021 Reciprocity

Work began on the drive to the new cabin site on June 18 thanks to Keith Hamilton and Garrett Hamilton, co-owners of Hamilton Construction. Keith and Garrett will also build the new cabin.

Besides being very capable builders, the two brothers have deep roots at the Motherhouse. Their grandfather was the former Motherhouse maintenance director, their father recently retired from the maintenance department and their sister is the Infirmary director.

Watching the road being cut into the earth and the gravel poured, I found myself sobered by the ecological cost of the new cabin.

I feel challenged to ponder the commitment to Earth that we made years ago as a retreat center.

What does that mean now as we use so many resources to construct this cabin?

"Reciprocity" is the word that came to mind. Over the next few months we will be using many gifts of earth in the form of gravel, metal, fossil fuels and many more.

What will we give back in gratitude?

How will this space and those who are nourished here contribute to the well being of the whole?


We carefully chose the new site partially based on avoiding the need to cut large trees. Even so, I felt sad as brush and small trees were cleared.