Progress Updates

A step of faith

Four years ago, these diseased pin oak trees in front of the Motherhouse Infirmary had to be cut down. As a step of faith, I decided to have the logs milled into boards even though I had no need for them at the time and didn't know if I would ever need them.

I was reminded of the story of the prophet Jeremiah in the Hebrew Scriptures. Jeremiah was in prison when he bought land that was worthless because it was under siege and the inhabitants were being sent into exile. Everyone thought he was crazy but he did it anyway as a sign of hope that some day God would restore the land.

My step of faith was nothing in comparison! I was conscious at the time, though, that I was making a decision based on my faith that the Spirit would continue to call forth life at Cedars of Peace and at the Motherhouse in a way that I couldn't predict.

Now, four years later, the pin oak boards are the siding of the new cabin. Tangible experiences like this nourish my hope and trust that the Spirit will continue to call forth Life in our world in ways and places that I can't yet imagine.