More and more people are looking for quiet, peaceful space which has led to an increasingly full cabin schedule. 

A new cabin is being made possible in part through a significant donation from a family wishing to honor the life of their deceased daughter/sister.


Would you, also, like to help?

Click below to go to the Loretto Community donation page.

When asked how to designate your donation, check "other" and write in Cedars of Peace.


Like each of our cabins, the new cabin has its own story of transformation.  

The following photos provide glimpses of the unique story of the new cabin

as it begins to unfold.

Built around 1918, this house was going to be burned until some enterprising local men offered to tear it down.  Salvaged yellow poplar and osage orange will become part of the interior of the new cabin.

Faithful volunteers pulled countless nails!

The floor will be yellow pine rescued from the Heritage Center after mold issues in the crawl space required the removal of the original flooring installed in the late 1800's.

A great deal of effort has gone into safely salvaging and straightening the floor boards!

Tragically, all of the ash trees in Kentucky, including at the Motherhouse, are dying due to the invasive emerald ash tree borer.  Our new bandsaw allowed us to mill some of the dying trees into beams and rafters for the cabin.