Knobs Haven

JoAnn Gates

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515 Nerinx Rd

Nerinx, KY. 40049

Cedars of Peace

Susan Classen

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515 Nerinx Rd

Nerinx, KY 40049


Knobs Haven and Cedars of Peace are temporarily closed due to coronavirus precautions.

Feel free to contact us to schedule future retreats for groups or individuals.


by Lynn Ungar – 3/11/2020


What if you thought of it
as the Jews consider the Sabbath—
the most sacred of times?
Cease from travel.
Cease from buying and selling.
Give up, just for now, 
on trying to make the world
different than it is. 
Sing. Pray. Touch only those
to whom you commit your life.
Center down.

KNOBS HAVEN and CEDARS OF PEACE are ecumenical retreat ministries of the Sisters of Loretto, located on the grounds of Loretto Motherhouse in central Kentucky.  The spaciousness of the 788-acre farm and the hospitality of the Motherhouse community create a welcoming, reflective space for individuals and groups.

Included on the grounds are three small lakes, walking paths, wooded areas, the gallery of the resident artist, and the newly renovated Heritage Center.  A swimming pool with adjoining bathhouse is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Spiritual direction is available for those who are interested.  All are welcome to attend and participate in the daily liturgies, as well as Lauds and Vespers.


Knobs Haven offers space to individuals or groups for a weekend, a few days, or a week. Groups generally bring their own leader, although arrangements can be made for retreat facilitation.​


The Loretto Motherhouse is the traditional “home place” for the Sisters of Loretto and is a spiritual center for the broader Loretto Community, “which seeks to praise God and serve the near and farther neighbor by educating ourselves and others in the ways of peace and justice.”


The Cedars of Peace hermitages are located in a wooded area of the property about 1/2-mile from the main Motherhouse buildings.  Seven cabins are available for individuals seeking a place of deeper quiet and solitude. The length of stay varies. Most come for a week-end or a week while others come for several weeks or months.


The Loretto Community and the Loretto Motherhouse hold stewardship of Earth as a key value. We invite you to learn about our land conservation efforts and our green building work on the grounds.